Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new site!

Hi Neighbors-

Welcome to the new site! Going forward, this will serve as a calendar and e-meeting place for River Park clubs, sports teams, and meetings that affect our neighborhood.

At this point, the site is very much a work in progress.  Should you find any errors or deadlines, please don’t hesitate to either include a comment or email me at ericrs@surewest.net.


3 comments on “Welcome to the new site!
  1. Sandy says:

    Love the new site. Is there any way to find out when my dues are due online or do I need to call someone?

    • eric says:

      Thanks Sandy! It’s still a work in progress until we have all info from the clubs and dates set in the calendar. Any input is more than welcomed!
      In terms of when dues are…due…that information will be up by the end of the year, but for now we ask that you contact our Membership Coordinator.

  2. Ken Wills says:

    What web site do I go to to List a complaint about a missing package left on my porch by UPS ?

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