River Park Reviews Have Landed

The April 2017 edition of the River Park Review is ready to hit your doorstep!  The process of getting the publication from the printer to all 1600 houses isn’t one that happens overnight, but instead takes a few days. Some of you will see your Reviews tomorrow, while some it may take a bit longer.  The RPNA depends on a network of nearly 100 Block Captains to distribute them to each doorstep and we appreciate all of their hard work.

Check out the Review.  Let us know what you think.  Please pay close attention to the article towards the back about the future of the hard copy of the publication and share your opinions at the next RPNA meeting on Thurs, April 20th.

2 comments on “River Park Reviews Have Landed
  1. Terry says:

    No RPN for 5756 this time. My husband has been delivering for over 17 yeats and sent a message to resigne his block captin duties and heard nothing back. The letters were not dropped. Did the houses get a paper and we were skipped?
    If you could let us that woukd be great!

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