Carlson Drive and H Street Intersection Improvements


Concerns regarding the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists at the Carlson Drive and H Street intersections have long been on the minds of River park residents. These concerns got the attention of the City, which conducted an investigation of the intersection and surrounding area. The investigation ultimately led to a plan to improve the safety of the intersection for all users. Parts of this project have been completed, but the final stage are planned to occur this summer after classes at CSUS are completed.

The proposed improvements include signal upgrades to improve visibility, additional signing, new crosswalks, marked green bike lanes to clarify lane channelization, bike boxes for left turns, and innovative an new two-stage left turns for bicyclists.

It is hoped that the project will improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety by providing new crosswalks, upgraded pedestrian paths of travel on the west side of Carlson Drive, clear designation of bicycle rights-of-way through use of colored and buffered bike lanes, and improved opportunities for cyclists to safely make left turns.

The project is expected to begin in late May. Maps and additional information can be found on the City’s website at the following address:



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