RPNA May Board Meeting Agenda – Thursday May 18th 7PM


Board Meeting Agenda

Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Fremont Church – Room E-210


  1. Roll Call and Call to Order                                     (7:00 – 7:05)



Doug Leslie President
Molly Greene Vice President
Renee Stern Secretary
Melissa Murphy Treasurer
Shelly Hescock Board Member, Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair
Gail Thearle Board Member, Finance Committee Chair
Eric Schranz Board Member, Public Relations Chair and Finance Committee
Curtis Cogdill Board Member, Events Committee Chair, Public Relations and Neighborhood Improvement Committee
Chip Studley Board Member, Membership and Elections Committee Chair
David Boyer Board Member
Mike Craig Board Member, Neighborhood Improvement Committee Member
Caitlin Morrow Events Committee Member
Justin Wisely Neighborhood Watch Committee Member
Andrew White Neighborhood Improvement Committee Member
Cheryl Board Events Committee Member
Richard Vincent Public Relations Committee Member
Tamis Reed Membership Coordinator




  1. Approve the Agenda; Add items not on Agenda                                                                        (7:05 -7:10)
  2. Approve Minutes                                                                                                                              (7:10 – 7:15)
  3. Presentation from City on Carlson Intersection Improvements                                            (7:15 – 7:40)
  4. River Park Tree Canopy Project Award                                                                                       (7:40 – 7:45)
  5. River Park Review Proposal to Reduce Publications Per Year                                               (7:45 – 8:15)
  6. Caleb PTSO – Request for fee waiver on River Park Review Insert                                      (8:15 – 8:20)
  7. Yermol Garden Project                                                                                                                    (8:20 – 8:30)
  8. Need for New River Park Review Distribution Coordinator                                                   (8:35 – 8:40)


  1. Committee Reports                                                                                                                          (8:40 – 8:55)
    1. Finance Committee Report (Melissa)
    2. Membership and Elections Report (Chip)
    3. Public Relations Committee Report (Eric)
    4. Neighborhood Watch Committee Report (Shelley)
    5. Events Committee Report (Curtis)
    6. Neighborhood Improvement Committee Report (Doug)


  1. Public Comment                                                                                                                                (8:55 – 9:00)
  2. Adjourn                                                                                                                                                (9:00)


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