River Park Tree Canopy Project Wins an Award

Our beautiful tree canopy is often an aspect of River Park that people mention when visiting our wonderful neighborhood.  Many of the trees were planted decades ago, but some are aging out and dying, and it’s up to us to replace them.  Much of that is done by our wonderful River Park Tree Canopy Project volunteers.

And guess who received the Austin B. Carroll Tree Hero award last week at the Tree Foundation Gala?!?

river park tree canopy

Councilmember Jeff Harris presented. Here’s the award (above), our stellar Tree Foundation Community Forester Matt Buland, and River Park resident Kate Riley. Five of our nine members were there: Kim Teague, Lee Ruth, Steve Johns and Steve Harriman. Todd Damiano, Doug Leslie, Jan Wooley, and Dave Boyer couldn’t attend.

Everyone has worked so hard on this project, and more activities are coming!

On behalf of the River Park Neighborhood Association and all member of the community, Thank You to the Tree Project team for keeping our neighborhood beautiful (and cool!)

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