RPNA 4th of July Festival Feedback Survey

Big thanks to the RPNA Events Committee for working hard to make this years 4th of July Festival a success. The RPNA Events Committee (Chair Curtis Cogdill, Shelley Hescock, David Boyer and Caitlin Morrow) worked tirelessly to organize a new and improved event with a small budget and a tremendous amount of hours.

Another big thanks to the River Park neighbors who signed up to volunteer and helped out at the event. From organizing games to working the bike check-in to selling tickets, we simply could not have put on the festival without their/your help. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

If you have’t given a few hours to improve the neighborhood, please consider doing so at the next RPNA event. We need your help!


Please click the survey below (it’s only 10 questions) and let us know how we did. Constructive criticism is vital, as the Board is anxious to make next years event even better! Please let us know what you’d like to see changed, and what we should keep the same. Your feedback is important.


4 comments on “RPNA 4th of July Festival Feedback Survey
  1. Lynette Grefrath says:

    Great work. This is my 17th year and it was th best yet.

  2. Miriam and John McCormack says:

    It was an excellent event. The only thing missing was the live band, but not a big problem. Loved the vendors and the addition of games for older kids. Thanks for a great event!

  3. Brenda Jew Waters says:

    The event was wonderful. I enjoyed it.

  4. Alison on Sandburg says:

    A couple of things for consideration, what about a membership table to recruit other neighbors to RPNA. And, because we are connected via media (e.g., NextDoor and Facebook) would folks be willing to wear name tags with their first name and street? I would love to meet my neighbors I don’t know by sight? Finally met Shelley! The dunk tank and soccer target were big hits! I sincerely hope I can help Curtis next year with the games! I’d love to be more involved, rotten schedule permitting.

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