Homeless on the River: Make Your Voice Heard

Do you have an opinion on the homeless situation along the American River? Want to hear more about what our elected officials are doing to solve the problem?

homeless American river

Here’s an article on extent of the problem from SacBee’s Marcus Breton.

Here’s County Supervisor Phil Serna’s recent post on the issue and meeting.

Supervisor Serna (who’s band Unsupervised has played at the RPNA 4th of July festival) is asking all interested parties to attend the BOS meeting on August 23. The meeting is scheduled from 2-6pm downtown, and as of this time no agenda is available. We will post an update when it is made public or check back here.

This is an issue very close to River Park and the safety of our community. Wherever you stand on the issue, please take some time and attend the meeting next week or at the very least, contact Supervisor Serna’s office and voice your opinion.

See you there.



3 comments on “Homeless on the River: Make Your Voice Heard
  1. Susan Fulk says:

    I’m very interested and will plan to attend!

  2. Craig says:

    I’m a fisherman and love our American River. I was just fishing upstream from Paradise Park wading in the river. I suddenly noticed human feces and toilet paper floating in the water. It wasn’t a little but horrific. Truly disgusting. I looked back at the shore and saw a tent for a homeless encampment. I was so furious I went over and yelled out. A man came out of the tent and came charging at me into the water. He stopped short of me by 10 feet. I told him to stop pooping in the river. He screamed for me to get away or he would “stab me in the heart”. And this is okay or acceptable. The homeless are destroying our river. I feel for them but this is wrong!

    • Curtis Cogdill says:

      This will be brought up in our next RPNA meeting this Thursday at 7:30pm. Fremont Church room #210. Hope to see you there.

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