RPNA Candidate Statements

RPNA Candidate Statements

RPNA will be holding its annual board election shortly.  During the week of November 13th, all current RPNA members should receive their 2018-2019 RPNA board election ballot in the mail.  If your membership expires at the end of this calendar year, you will also receive a membership renewal request form.  All ballots must be postmarked by 11/28/17 to be considered valid for this election.  We have had 8 wonderful volunteer candidates come forward to run for this year’s election.  The candidates with the 5 highest votes will be elected to a two-year term for the RPNA board.  The candidate with the 6th highest vote count will be elected to a one-year term for the RPNA board.  Please take time to vote in our upcoming board election and return your ballot, and your membership renewal form if applicable, in the postage paid envelope that we’ll also enclose in our mailing.  Ballots and membership renewal forms can be mailed to RPNA, PO Box 19866, Sacramento CA  95819.   You can also sign up or renew your membership via Paypal by following this link riverparksacramento.net .

We have five positions open for two-year terms, and we have one position open for a one-year term.   8 RPNA members have applied and are eligible candidates for these positions. We proudly announce the eight wonderful candidates for our upcoming RPNA board.

1.     Mike Craig: I have blissfully lived on Breuner for over 5 years with my amazing husband, Brian, and our son, Brandon. I absolutely love River Park!  It’s just so beautiful and so friendly!  I have been involved with the RPNA for a year now, as a member-at-large and as chair of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee.  I have very much enjoyed helping with events, like the 4th of July Firecracker Parade and Festival and the Fall General Meeting, and attending the monthly board meetings.  RPNA does so many great things in creating a sense of community and I’m very happy to be involved in the ongoing effort to make our neighborhood even better.  If that’s even possible.

 2.     Shelley Hescock (incumbent): Hello Neighbors, I am up for reelection for the RPNA Board. This will be my 3rd year to run & hopefully serve. I have truly enjoyed being a board member and being a part of the events that make this the best neighborhood to live in! A little bit about me – I moved here with my husband Rex and our two dogs Bella & Tahoe 7 years ago. I volunteer as the afternoon crossing guard at Caleb Greenwood Elementary & I head up the Neighborhood Patrol. My husband & I sponsored the jog-a-thon at Caleb Greenwood Elementary for the last two years, & we are a sponsor at Ciavarella Field for Cal Ripken baseball & pretty much anything else can volunteer for! We love River Park! If I am again elected I want to continue to keep the Neighborhood Patrol successful. We have seen a decrease in the summer activities at Paradise Beach due to a consistent & increased presence. I want to help in bringing new, fun & exciting events to River Park as part of the events committee I now serve on. I hope you will vote for me again this year & please feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the election

3.     Doug Leslie (incumbent): I was fortunate enough to find
my way to the River Park neighborhood in 2000. This is a great neighborhood, with wonderful people and great assets like Glenn Hall Park, the American River Parkway, Caleb Greenwood, Fremont Church, and residents who care and participate. I have two boys that attended Caleb Greenwood and played on the River Park soccer and baseball teams, and I have been fortunate enough to serve on the board for the last 4 years.
This is truly one of the best places to live in Sacramento. I would consider it a privilege to continue my participation in maintaining these qualities, and would therefore ask you to support my candidacy for the River Park Neighborhood Association Board.

4.   Alison Lindelien: Hi neighbors!  I’m a life-long River Park resident with 61 years tied to this wonderful community.  I would welcome the opportunity to get more involved in preserving the traditions of the past, while seeking solutions for current problems affecting our community.  As a homeowner, my chief concerns are safety and the homeless.  I would focus my efforts on better understanding how to mitigate petty crime and issues at the park/beach and bike trail often due to the influx of transient non-residents.  During the day (and nights), I’m a marketing director for a global engineering firm.  This job affords me superior listening skills and the ability to synthesis diverse opinions with the goal of consensus building.  Also, advanced organizational and project management skills which may be valuable for event planning.  If elected, I will commit to listening to your concerns and actively participating with the rest of the board.

5.     Sean O’Brien: I am a born and raised RP resident. Mom and dad took me home to a house on Teichert, I grew up on Sandburg (Where mom and dad still live) and my wife and I have been homeowners on Moddison for two years now. I love our neighborhood and have been involved with the RPNA for over a year now. I enjoy helping out and will continue to support River Park. Thank you.

6.     Eric Schranz (incumbent): My wife and I bought our first house here twelve years ago, our two kids attends Caleb, and we’d like to live in River Park forever. I currently serve on the RPNA Board, and I’d love to give it a few more years, continuing my efforts on retaining property value, safety, and neighborhood communication and activities.   I’m currently the Public Relations Committee Chair, sit on the Finance Committee, and will be helping lead the charge against illegal camping on the river. My other activities include endurance running, craft beer, and outdoor family fun. River Park is a special neighborhood, and I’m not afraid to speak up and fight to keep it this way.

7.     Dan Thompson: My wife and I have lived in Sacramento since 2006 and ever since we discovered the gem that is River Park have always wanted to live there.  In May of this year that dream came true and we bought a place on Huston Court.  We have no family in California and so our neighborhood and community literally are our “family” and we love our neighbors!  My wife Angela and I are both attorneys and have 3 young children (Liam – 8, Luke – 5, Ellie – 3).  By day I am the managing partner of the labor and employment division of my firm and have been a part of Boards and advising the same for the past 10 years.  While it may be a commitment, I see being on the Board as a great way to invest in our long-term community and utilize some of my professional skills in helping serve and represent my neighbors.

8.     Justin Wisely: I find River Park to be a gem within Sacramento. I thoroughly enjoy that River Park is a true neighborhood where I can get to know my neighbors, take part in events, and just get involved with the neighborhood. My main involvement has been with the River Park Neighborhood Watch and attending the monthly board meetings as a committee member, but I look forward to increasing my neighborhood involvement by hopefully joining the River Park Board. To let you know a little about myself, I am an archaeologist working for a private company in Davis, where I work with various agencies and private industry clients conducting surveys, excavations, construction monitoring, and my particular specialty of identifying microscopic plant residues on artifacts. I enjoy cycling, fencing, martial arts, auto mechanics, and expanding my knowledge of field botany. I can usually be found walking through the neighborhood and the American River Parkway with my dog Riley, and typically on patrol. I am honored to submit my letter of candidacy for the River Park Neighborhood Association Board.


Thank you for your support.

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  1. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    The directions seem to imply you can turn east from Camelia onto J St/Fair Oaks. This won’t work. Just follow the signs/saw horses/volunteer directions to enter or exit RP at Carlson and H St.

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