Roll Call: River Park Residents Participating in Upcoming Races

With over 50 residents signed up for the River Park Run to Feed the Hungry team and plenty of others getting ready to taper for CIM, RP will be well represented along the race routes. We’ve got an active neighborhood and it’s time we help cheer each other on!

Who’s running Run to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving? Is this a tradition in your family? Do you walk with friends or run competitively? What’s your story?


Are you running CIM in early December? What pace? Part of a team? First marathon? What’s your story?


This year at CIM is an important one. The US Marathon Championships are taking place which will bring some quick runners going after the prize purse. Look for 2:08-ish for the men and mid-high 2:20s for the ladies.


There will also be 70+ visually impaired athletes hitting the streets with a few looking to break world records. (I’ll be guiding a VI runner around the 3:35 pace group. Cheer and say hi to Kyle if you see us!)


If you’re running it, let’s hope for low-mid 40s on race morning. If you’re a spectator, hope for high 60s and 70s.  Either way, both Thanksgiving and Sunday, Dec 3 will be fun days for running in Sacramento.


Here’s traffic info if you’re looking to leave the neighborhood on Thanksgiving and here’s info on road closures for CIM.


So who’ll be out there running or spectating?


2 comments on “Roll Call: River Park Residents Participating in Upcoming Races
  1. Susan McVay says:

    Nov. 27, 2017, 7:53 pm.
    2017 Ballot
    How can I be sure you RECEIVE my ballot tomorrow? I no longer have the stamped envelope. Is your PO Box located on J Street?
    May I hand deliver it to a Board Member’s home in River Park, or put it in a stamped envelope and ask a postal worker to put it in Box 19866?

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