Two Trails flyer in RP Reviews/ Spring General Meeting/ February RPNA Agenda



RPNA February 2018 Board Agenda
One comment on “Two Trails flyer in RP Reviews/ Spring General Meeting/ February RPNA Agenda
  1. A. Mader says:

    We asked around among our neighbors who we know to be both a block captain for the River Park Neighborhood Association and involved in opposition to the plan to pave the path at the foot of the levee, and we were able to identify the source of the flyers. It was Nancy Mee, and she asked me to identify her here by name.

    Nancy was both delivering River Park Review newsletters and distributing flyers on the levee project this weekend, and she decided to tuck the one into the other to expedite delivery and increase the chances that they wouldn’t all blow away on a windy day. She was not intending to mislead anyone, and she is highly apologetic for the distress that this caused.

    Before we do too much condemning, I would ask you to keep in mind two things. First, the harm here is that recipients of the two pieces of paper together may mistakenly believe that the RPNA board is the source of the flyer regarding the Two Rivers Trail. This is a misunderstanding that can easily be dispelled. Second, please keep in mind that Nancy is donating her personal time to act as a block captain and to promote community involvement in a public project. Also, she is our neighbor and, from my experience, is personally dedicated to our neighborhood.

    I can understand why some people might initially suspect this action as intentionally misleading but, knowing Nancy and hearing how it happened, it is very hard to see this action as some sort of deliberate subversion. I am quite confident that won’t happen again.

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