Top Takeaways from January 17, 2019 RPNA Board Meeting

Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting

Neighbors, we want to make you aware of the top takeaways from the RPNA Board meeting on Thursday:

1. SMUD is in the process of to removing 56 trees in RP that it believes could contribute to an outage. When we learned of the plan, we quickly met with SMUD yesterday and learned that they had already removed 2/3 of the trees. They plan to complete the project in 2-4 weeks. We want to make sure residents know they have a right to tell SMUD “no” if approached about removing trees, and they may be able to trim the tree instead. SMUD is now aware of the RPNA and we are asking them to work with us to get the word out to the neighborhood ahead of future projects impacting RP. 

2. The RPNA is working on new initiatives for 2019 to increase communication with the neighborhood, including a revamped website, expanded communication on various platforms, and improving how we connect the neighborhood with local government. More to come. 

3. SacPD has assigned a new sergeant to oversee the 12 officers that patrol the East Area that includes RP. He will join our board meetings beginning next month to discuss neighborhood concerns. 

4. Board elections were conducted on Thursday and the officers are as follows:
Renee Stern, President
Tony Mader, Vice President
Allyssa Mader, Treasurer
Alison Lindelien, Secretary

5. We are in the process of filling the RPNA following standing committees: Public Relations, Neighborhood Watch, Finance, Membership and Elections, Neighborhood Improvement, and Events. We need participants from the neighborhood on these committees! If you are interested, contact Renee Stern at 

Interested in any of these issues? All residents are welcome to come to RPNA Board meetings. Next meeting is 2/21 at 7:30pm at Freemont Church, 210.

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