Water Meter Instillation in RP Not Starting Until April 2020

As a follow-up to the RPNA Spring Meeting (where we learned that the timing of the water meter installation in RP was dependent upon the contractor that won the bid), the City has informed the RPNA that water meter installation will not begin until approximately April 2020 and will likely finish in the spring of 2021.

Navajo, the contractor currently working in East Sac, won the job. The crew working in East Sacramento will move to River Park once East Sac nears completion.

The City’s map at MetersMatter.org has been updated to reflect the anticipated schedule.

I know many residents spoke to the City’s consultants at our Spring Meeting and discussed doing pre-work ahead construction.  The communication I have from the City indicates the same consultants will be involved throughout the project in RP and will continue to work with residents on any resident-specific needs.

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