Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (6/20)

Neighbors, we want to make you aware of the top takeaways from the RPNA Board meeting last week 6/20):

  • Planning is going very well for the 4th of July Festival.  Details are available in the June RP review, but we will soon post the detailed agenda and helpful reminders.  
  • CalTrans responded to RPNA follow-up questions about the CapCity freeway improvement project.  They now report that the sound wall will “likely move further to the southeast from its current location,” but that the exact location will not be known until environmental and engineering studies are complete.  They also say that RP homes will not be included within the “Environmental Study Limits” for the project but that CalTrans will still be studying noise and air quality impacts beyond the study limits.  We have follow-up questions for CalTrans and will continue to report on the dialog.
  • RPNA continues to engage with the City about the pedestrian gate that connects Earlewine to the levee.  The City is looking at a number of options including a potential code lock that would still allow RP residents to use the gate.  RPNA will gather options and discuss those options with the neighborhood.  
  • RPNA is encouraging participation in National Night Out on Tuesday August 6, when neighbors hang out outside with other neighbors (potluck, BBQ, sidewalk chalk, etc.). 
  • City has a new “Vacant Lot Program” that requires annual registration of all vacant lots, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with City requirements.  More information available on the City website.

Interested in any of these issues?  All residents are welcome to come to RPNA Board meetings.  Next meeting is 7/18 at 7:30pm at Fremont Church, 210.  

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