Local Government Projects




The Two Rivers Trail (Phase II) project will provide a 2.4-mile-long Class I Path connection between Sutter’s Landing Park and H Street, by CSU Sacramento. The trail would create key access at H Street providing a connection from the East Sacramento neighborhood and California State University, Sacramento (CSUS); Glenn Hall Park, which provides easy access for the River Park neighborhood; and at 28th and 20th Streets providing access from the Midtown neighborhood and to Downtown Sacramento. This project is Phase II of an overall vision for the American River Parkway.

Two Rivers Trail Phase 2 Location


Two Rivers Trail Flyer v06

Video of the Spring General Meeting

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Cap City Freeway


The CapCity Corridor (State Route 51 and adjacent streets) is the most congested corridor in the region. In 2016, SR 51/CapCity experienced over 2,050,000 vehicle hours of delay at a $27.5 million cost to users and had five of the region’s top 10 bottlenecks. As the region continues to grow, conditions in the SR 51/CapCity Corridor are expected to worsen by 2035. To address the issues in the corridor and better meet the needs of drivers, transit riders, freight drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, Caltrans initiated the Capital City (CapCity) Corridor Project: A collaborative, interagency planning process that coordinates and prioritizes potential multimodal projects in the corridor. There is no single project that will solve all the issues. Instead, it will require a suite of short-, medium- and long-term multimodal projects with planning and funding from multiple agencies.

  • HOV lanes
  • A multi-use Class I path across the American River
  • Neighborhood bike infrastructure
  • Improved pedestrian infrastructure
  • Transit projects and improved connectivity to transit stations






SMUD Campus Renovation


SMUD is proposing to implement some significant renovations of their headquarters campus which is bounded by 59th street to the west, Folsom Blvd. to the north, 65th street to the east, and S street to the south.  This project could potentially have both beneficial and/or adverse impacts on River Park. SMUD was kind enough to sen a representative to present the project the the RPNA at one of our monthly board meetings and recently sent us this NOP (notice of preparation), which provides an opportunity to comment on the project.