RPNA Spring General Meeting

RPNA Spring General Meeting
April 7, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Caleb Greenwoood
RPNA Spring General Meeting @ Caleb Greenwoood

RPNA’s Spring General meeting:

Date April 7th, 2018

Caleb Greenwood


The Spring General meeting will be discussing the Twin Trails project.  We will hear from people directly involved with the project. We will also be giving our neighbors a chance to ask questions and be heard.


For more information about the Twin Trails project please check out; http://riverparksacramento.net/community-projects/

5 comments on “RPNA Spring General Meeting
  1. susan hausmann says:

    The city published in its Two River Trail phase 11 for the trail to be on top of the levee. When the plan changed it said ” in 2014 the City conducted a small survey within River Park Neighborhood which included interviews with a River Park Neighborhood Assoc. board member and a few appointed citizens within River Park.” my question who was the one board member and how were they and the “few appointed citizens chosen?’ and why was there no public meeting when the plans changed?

  2. susan hausmann says:

    What makes the City think there will be more enforcement of no camping when the Sac Bee Oct.2017 reports that” Sacramento Chief Ranger Doane has expressed ambivalence about enforcing camping restrictions” he does feel more Rangers (County funding) would allow him to respond to crime. Last year persons lived under the H street bridge for over a week before the City responded. I totally support the Whole person plan but if camping isn’t enforced the Parkway will simply have more homeless.

  3. susan hausmann says:

    Living next to the levee i see people recreation, commuters, students of all ages with all types of bikes use it morning to night. Why spend several million dollars for an area that has a bike path?

  4. Estelle says:

    Why is the city council opposed to keeping this space open? Seems they are the ones “resistant to change” not being able to consider something other than the 30-year plan.

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