RPNA Board

Your RPNA Board of Directors

Doug Leslie, President

Membership and Elections Committee



Renee Stern, Vice President


Melissa Murphy, Treasurer

Membership and Finance Committees

RP resident since 2010


RPNA Board

Shelly Hescock, Board Member,

 Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair, Events Committee



rona board

Curtis Cogdill, Board Member,

Events Committee Chair, PR Committee

Curtis has lived in River Park for 6 years, and on Breuner Ave for the last three.


Chip Studley, Board Member, 

Membership Committee Chair, Neighborhood Improvement Committee

Chip has lived on Monalee Ave since 2015


Mike Craig(not pictured), Board Member 

Neighborhood Improvement Committee Chair,  Public Relations (River Park Review Coordinator)


David Boyer (not pictured), Board Member

Event Committee, Neighborhood Improvments Committee


Sean O’Brien (not pictured), Board Member



Additional Non-Elected Committee Members

Richard Vincent, Public Relations Committee, RPNA Newsletter Editor-in-Chief



Caitlin Morrow, Events Committee

Justin Wisely, Neighborhood Watch Committee

Andrew White, Neighborhood Improvement Committee